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Cuadro24 was born in 2013 as a production house for audiovisual, advertising, and cinematic content.


From that afternoon when its founders sat on the floor of their first office, until today, we have been creating compelling stories that tell great tales.


We embarked on a journey that knows no end, leading us to explore non-traditional advertising, branded content, storytelling, and all forms of audiovisual narration. We have earned some recognition in the industry, but we seek more.


Currently, we represent directors who are integral to what sets us apart. We do not follow the mainstream; instead, we provide space for young talent, a feminine perspective, and experienced storytellers.


We are here for what's new,


we make it happen.

produccion audiovisual y realizacion de video institucional, spot y video corporativo.


Traditionally, it has been known as a process encompassing pre-production, production, and post-production. However, we believe in a new global and industry-focused approach. Thus, we encompass the entire process in three stages: Input, Operations, and Output.


This has allowed us to shorten timelines for the benefit of the client, ensuring quality ideas and instilling confidence in delivering a great product.


We are a production company with powerful craftsmanship, where "Action" is our spark, and innovation is our vision. We bring together talented directors and seasoned producers, as well as emerging cinematic and advertising talents.


We create content in all media and languages.

Premio El Sol, en el Festival iberoamericano de la Comunicación Publicitaria en España. Este es entregado a la campaña El último mensaje, para Amnistia Internacional.


We have experienced a series of changes that have led us to develop non-traditional advertising, branded content, storytelling and digital content. Always with a constant passion for telling stories.

IV DocTv

Latin America








Advertising Festival Ideas 2016

Advertiser: Amnesty International.
The Last Message Campaign.

Best in Show and Grand Prix.

Agency: Meat

IV Doc TV Latin America 2013

Prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture - Directorate of Audiovisual, Phonography and New Media, for the financing of the documentary "Camino a la Hoyada", directed by Andrés Cotler, and produced by Cuadro24.


Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication, El Sol 2017

Sol de Oro and Sol de Plata, in the category 

"Other digital channels, mobile, social networks", and also in "Corporate Social Responsibility Promotions".

My Company Award is the Best 2018

Best Primax Corporate Video. Contest organized by the organization Great Place to  Work worldwide as part of its annual evaluation.

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