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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common Questions About the Video Production and Post-production Process

How is the video creation process and what stages should be considered?

Pre production

The first stage is to define objectives and search for the best communication strategy to achieve your goals according to your targets. This involves giving a tone to the communication and finding a visual language suitable for the video's target audience.


During this phase, each recording is finalized according to a work schedule (shooting, recording, voice-over, etc.). For animated videos, this stage begins with defining the storyboard and initial style frames.


Once all the necessary images and audio are recorded, the editing and finishing process of all the material begins according to the defined timelines.


Finally, according to a media strategy and the objectives set, all the pieces are distributed across different platforms (TV, social media, mailing, websites, landing pages, etc.).

How much does it cost to create a video for companies and/or brands?

There are several alternatives for how to develop and produce a video, so generally, the price and value of the services will depend on the video's duration and the quantity and type of elements to be included.

  • Script and Creative Concept Development.

  • Graphic Design and Style.

  • Graphic Animation (motion graphics).

  • 2D - 3D Digital Animation (characters).

  • Professional Voice-over (in Spanish or other languages).

  • Recorded Image Production.

  • Stock Footage.

  • Original or Stock Music (royalty-free).

  • Etc.

How long does the production and post-production process of a video typically take?

The duration of the video, as well as the complexity and quantity of graphics and audiovisual elements, typically determine the production time.

On average, the production process takes about 5 to 10 business days.

The post-production process can take even longer depending on the complexity and techniques used, ranging from one week to a month.

What types of videos are usually produced?

We are a full-service comprehensive studio. We can create any type of videos and audiovisual content.

How can I request a formal quote for my project and what information do you need to start producing it?

You can fill out our contact form with all the detailed information about your project at the following link:

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