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Art and Advertising, a close relationship

By: Rudi & Cursi

If there is a place where all the arts can sit at the same table, it is in ADVERTISING. The results are magnificent and the bets are brave, but even more than that, inspiring, because having so many resources available and willing to execute the specific requirements of a brief on a brand, there are many scenarios that can be explored in terms of final results. with a campaign

It is fortunate to be able to use all these points of inspiration and put them at the service not only of marketing but also of casual viewers who find in advertising a showcase to feed their knowledge, without knowing it, but always willing to be surprised and receive a message that was built by entire teams of creatives willing to offer cultural, historical, cinematographic, and artistic complements so that ideas never stop making a difference when it comes to selling a product, not only for selling it, but also for giving something more to that audience that does not simply deserve to be used as an object for sale, and that, on the contrary, ends up being someone important with a close daily relationship with a brand.< /p>

Our responsibility has established that the function of advertising as a means of communication is not simply to sell or entertain, but on the contrary is also to educate, and impart knowledge, adapt the minds of consumers to the modern world and give them stories that increasingly connect with their emotions and that make them feel identified, that teach them the current contexts and the social dynamics that evolve day by day and that are part of daily life but that are sometimes omitted due to simple indifference or because occupations do not allow it.

There is a huge opportunity in each brand, in each requirement for ideas, in agencies, production companies, post production companies, audio design studios (among all areas and work spaces that converge in the industry) an endless number of talents willing to find communication solutions that go beyond establishing a business relationship to give you that effort in which a painting, a movie, a song, a book , a sculpture, the geometry of a building, a dance, a fixed image (photo) or one in movement, now video games or cooking with an indescribable flavor, end up being that trigger that initially connects the emotion and then the needs.

The world is available to be intervened, everything that surrounds us is capable of being used as an advertising communication tool, even more art, which has been there since the beginning. This, more than an article, is an invitation to understand that those of us who work in advertising are lucky to be able to have art as the main tool and work input and for viewers to know that part of the advertising pieces want to be beyond from selling something to being agents of change, training and, of course, entertainment. Let's always see everything, a little beyond the superficial.

Some examples of those places where art has been an inspiration:

Rembrant painting "The Night Watch" is replicated by photographer with current models...

... and is represented in an activation of the ING bank for the re-opening of the Rijks museum in 2013.

Heineken piece using Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Mercedes Benz inspired by Stranger Things:

Oreo inspired by Game of thrones.

Combination of soundtrack and film by Stanley Kubrick for Jeep.

Volkswagen recreating Singing in the rain

Authors: Rudi & Cursi

Advertising Film Directors

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