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Culinary Seduction: Behind the Scenes of Food Advertising Cinema.

Puesta en escena de botella de pisco
The marvelous Peruvian Pisco, ready for the photo and video shoot.

In advertising, where every image matters, food ads have become an art that seduces the senses. Capturing the essence of a dish or a drink—its texture, aroma, and flavor—through images and videos that whet the appetite is a challenge that we at Cuadro24 embrace with passion and experience.

Una pareja en una cena elegante
Perú, Spirit of Pisco

One of our experiences in the field was for the Spirit of Pisco campaign by Promperu and they serve to illustrate this article.

As experts in advertising audiovisual production and connoisseurs of advertising cinema, we understand the power of an irresistible gastronomic image and its impact on brand perception.

Have you ever wondered how those perfect shots that make your mouth water on social media and advertising campaigns are achieved?

Here are some of the secrets behind the most successful food and beverage ads, the ones that make you want to try the dish instantly.

dos chicas en set de rodaje chocan copas
Talent is also part of the appetite shots

Planning: The Recipe for Success

Like in the kitchen, preparation is key for a flawless gastronomic shoot. Before turning on the cameras, every detail must be meticulously planned. This includes ingredient selection, choice of tableware, plate composition, and defining the visual style to be achieved. Let's imagine, for example, capturing the smooth movement of drops of chocolate melting on a luxurious piece of marble.

Tabla de marmol con trufas
Preparing the shot: if they're truffles, it's not marble, it's not chocolate.

Technology Serving Culinary Art

To achieve the smooth and controlled movement seen in professional ads, complex equipment is not required. With ingenuity and accessible tools such as sliders, camera stabilizers, and small motors for rotation, we can orchestrate the perfect choreography of elements on set. Lighting, with strategically placed LED panels or studio lights, plays a fundamental role in highlighting textures, creating volume, and generating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

barman con vaso y medidor echa zumo sobre copa
Preparing the shot.

barman coloca piel de limon en copa de pisco
The shot with retouching and post-production.

Styling and Post-Production: The Final Touch

The art of gastronomic styling is essential for making food look irresistible on screen. Every element, from ingredient selection to plate composition, must be carefully considered. The use of small tricks, such as substituting ice cream with mashed potatoes to prevent melting under the lights, or using spray oil to give shine to vegetables, can make a difference. Post-production comes into play to polish the image, adjust colors, and enhance details, achieving a final result that arouses the desire to taste.

foto en programa de revisión en pantalla de laptop.
Reviewing the shot on screen.

Copa iluminada por luz de neon
The magic of light on set.

Beyond Technique: Connecting with Emotions

Creating successful food ads goes beyond technique. It's about connecting with the viewer's emotions, evoking memories, sensations, and desires. The use of vibrant colors, appetizing textures, and dynamic compositions can generate a sensory response that awakens appetite and interest in the product.

copa fina de pisco peruano
Pisco of Perú

Additional Tricks for Delicious Photos and Videos:

  • Steam is your friend: Use artificial steam to give the feeling of freshness and warmth to freshly prepared dishes.

Barman atento
Smoke present as a light diffusing element.
  • Play with textures: Combine crunchy elements with soft ones, liquids with solids, to create visual contrast and arouse interest.

Set de foto con copa de trago de pisco
The bottom of the glass is not just any.
  • Capture movement: Record poured liquids, falling ingredients, or rising smoke to add dynamism to the scene.

Foto de copa de trago de pisco peruano en pantalla de laptop
Details for post-production.

  • The power of hands: Incorporate hands interacting with food to create a sense of closeness and authenticity.

actores en set chocando copas
We'll only see hands in this glass clash.

  • Sound also matters: Accompany your videos with sounds of cooking, crunching, and textures to complete the sensory experience.

Remember, the key lies in creativity, attention to detail, and a passion for telling stories through food. With these tips, you can take your culinary creations to the next level and seduce your audience with images that awaken the senses.

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