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Producción Audiovisual de Cine Publicitario
Equipo en Acción

Allow me to take you behind the scenes, where dramas and comedies unfold not on a theater stage but in the fast-paced world of filmmaking. Our latest episode, featuring an A-list cast and the star power of PROMPERU, transported us to an exhilarating shoot centered around tools for the export business.

The story began with the ever-prompt call time at 7 in the morning on location. However, there was a small twist: it was a Sunday! The building where we were set to shoot was nearly deserted, and the entrances were as elusive as buried treasure. The entrance to this labyrinth turned out to be the basement parking, shared among multiple condominium buildings. So, bright and early, our team embarked on an Indiana Jones-style quest to find the right entryway.

Time, as relentless as ever, began to press upon us. While everyone tried to unravel the basement mystery, our watches continued to tick. But what's a production without its fair share of challenges? The solution lay in creativity. Our production team took on the roles of hosts, guiding technicians, art personnel, and props to our secure set, which felt more protected than King Tut's tomb.

Yet the challenge was far from over. The elevators, like characters in a convoluted thriller, opened into different towers of the building. Fortunately, the client had not arrived yet, giving us time to overcome these hurdles and set the stage for the grand performance.

But hunger waits for no one, and after a quick breakfast, everyone eagerly anticipated lunch. The snag: it was Sunday, and the building did not allow suppliers to enter. The quest for catering became a reality show-style challenge: finding an open spot in Miraflores on a Sunday morning. Nevertheless, the show must go on, and our team's perseverance was the key.

Equipo de producción en set
Filmando a todo dar!!

As our esteemed client arrived, we began shooting alongside the talented actor Anthony Ravínes. Under the masterful direction of Carlos Alagón and with a solid storyboard in hand, the team embarked on the mission to craft a masterpiece. It's worth noting that Artificial Intelligence played a significant role, serving as the creative genius behind the storyboard, marking a milestone in the evolution of our industry.

director de fotografía en cámara
Jorge Cerna, in charge of the camera and lighting, masterfully crafted the executive atmospheres for the spot.

At 12:45 p.m., the production team announced the long-awaited lunch, a moment that everyone relished. In a restaurant that surprised with its exceptional flavors, the team shared stories from past shoots and strengthened their camaraderie.

Despite overcoming some hurdles, there was still work to be done. The client had enough faith in us to allow us to continue in their absence, motivating us to give our all in every shot. With a bit of music and the advantage of not having to contend with direct sound, the team geared up to create magic.

Equipo de Arte ambientando locacion
Claudia Calle and Juanjo, from the art direction, elevated the set to a high-caliber stage.

A shoot wouldn't be complete without its challenges, and this one was no exception. The two-hour margin planned in advance for unexpected issues proved to be invaluable. Problem-solving is a fundamental aspect of our job, and we embrace it with enthusiasm.

At 6 p.m., the clapperboard signaled the end of our day. Fatigue had caught up with us, but there was still work to be done. Production units bid their farewell as we packed up equipment, lights, props, and wardrobe. Nightfall arrived, carrying away our memories of a day filled with challenges and rewards.

Monitor de rodaje
Preparando todo desde el monitor

Every shoot is an odyssey, an adventure that leads us to explore new frontiers and overcome unexpected obstacles. But, at the end of the day, the outcome always justifies the effort, and it fills us with pride to keep creating, problem-solving, and pursuing excellence in our work.


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