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Clíos 2024. Are you ready to lead?

Updated: Jun 18

Today we analyze the trends that marked the Clio Awards 2024, a fundamental event for the audiovisual advertising industry.

As we know, nowadays advertising wins over hearts (and sells you along the way) and this year, the awards ceremony captivated us with a wave of refreshing creativity, full of stories that touch your soul and innovative formats that leave you speechless.

1. Diversity and Inclusion:

A central theme of the awards was the celebration of diversity and inclusion. The winning works stood out for their authentic and positive representation of different social groups, cultures, and perspectives. This reflects a significant change in the industry, where advertising is moving away from stereotypes and clichés to embrace diversity in all its forms.

2. The Power of Stories:

The ads that connected with the audience's emotions through moving, inspiring, or humorous stories were the big winners. There was a preference for narratives that generated empathy and resonance with the audience, leaving aside purely commercial approaches.

3. Innovation in Formats:

The creativity was not limited to ideas, but also explored new formats for storytelling. Outstanding works were seen that innovatively used augmented reality, virtual reality, social media platforms, and other digital tools to offer immersive and engaging experiences.

4. Importance of Social Context:

The awards recognized advertising campaigns that responsibly and sensitively addressed relevant social issues such as the climate crisis, gender equality, and mental health. This trend demonstrates the advertising industry's commitment to making a positive impact on society.

5. Celebration of Latin American Talent:

The Latin American region had a prominent participation in the Clio Awards 2024, with agencies and creatives from countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina receiving important awards. This reflects the growth and maturity of the advertising industry in the region, which is producing high-quality work and gaining international recognition.

Award of the Year

Each year, the "Of the Year" award is given to the participants who accumulate the most points across all media. This year's winners are:

  • Agency of the Year: Publicis Conseil

  • Advertiser of the Year: Michelob ULTRA

  • Independent Agency of the Year: Rethink Canada

  • Network of the Year: Ogilvy

  • Production Company of the Year: Prodigious Paris

In summary, the Clio Awards 2024 highlighted the importance of diversity, powerful storytelling, innovation in formats, social responsibility, and Latin American talent. These trends mark a path towards more effective, emotional, and committed audiovisual advertising that connects with people and the world around us.

Additional reflections for the Peruvian market:

  • It is important that Peruvian advertising adapts to these global trends, incorporating elements of diversity, inclusion, moving stories, and innovation in formats.

  • Attention should be paid to social issues relevant to the Peruvian audience, addressing them in a responsible and sensitive manner..

  • It is necessary to support and promote local talent so that Peruvian advertising continues to shine at international events such as the Clio Awards.

The Clio Awards 2024 have given us a valuable perspective on the future of audiovisual advertising. It is a call to action for the Peruvian industry to join these trends and create campaigns that are not only effective but also meaningful and memorable.

Let's make it happen.

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