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Advertising Industry and Gender Equality

March 8 transcends as a day of celebration and reflection on women's achievements, reminding us of the urgency to advance towards gender equality.

Under the theme "Financing Women's Rights: Accelerating Equality," the monumental challenge described in the World Economic Forum's 2023 Global Gender Gap Report is evident, projecting a span of 131 years to achieve full parity.

To promote gender equity, it is essential to ensure women's financial autonomy and promote economic empowerment strategies. However, the lack of funding, with an annual deficit of $360 billion according to "UN Women for Latin America and the Caribbean," poses a daunting challenge on this path to equality.

Gender equality remains a prominent challenge in human rights worldwide. The United Nations emphasizes the need to invest in policies that promote gender equality, fundamental to building inclusive societies that benefit all people.

The advertising industry is not immune to this debate but positions itself as a key actor in promoting gender equity. Increasingly integrated with culture and social reality, agencies, audiovisual producers, and brands develop initiatives aimed at the female audience, offering solutions in both communication and business and social aspects.

The "Data Tienda" campaign, conceived by DDB Mexico for We Capital, stood out in El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2022 by focusing on improving women's access to bank credit. With 83% of Mexican women lacking a credit history and their loan applications being rejected, this initiative sought to collect credit information from non-banked women through local merchant accounts.

Por otro lado, Circus Grey Perú promovió la inclusión económica con su comunicación del "Crédito Mujer", un producto de MiBanco destinado a respaldar la independencia financiera femenina. En el 2022, más de 50 mil emprendedoras se bancarizaron, destacando que el 27% lo logró mediante el "Crédito Mujer".

The economic emancipation of women is not limited solely to financing. Recognizing and rewarding their talent is essential to inspire and establish role models. Yupi Segura, director of Oriental Mexico, made history by being the first woman awarded as Best Director at El Ojo de Iberoamérica for two consecutive years. This milestone was achieved with projects such as "I'm Criminal" and "Tres", highlighting the fight against forced child marriage in Mexico.

In an industry still dominated by men at the executive levels, it is crucial to highlight female talent. The XXVI edition of El Ojo honored the career of Ana María Olabuenaga by including her in the Hall of Honor of Latin Talent, recognizing her contribution to the construction of a relevant and outstanding Latin advertising industry worldwide.

International Women's Day, commemorated every March 8th, has its roots in a tragic past.

It emerged in honor of women who lost their lives over a century ago during a demonstration for better working conditions and wage equality. Over time, this date has evolved to address gender equality issues and raise awareness of the everyday struggles faced by women.

Cuadro24 continues to support and promote initiatives that strengthen, empower, and celebrate women's achievements, recognizing the importance of continuing to move towards a more egalitarian society.

Let's make advertising that changes the world, so it becomes a better place for all women.

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