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Welcome Rudo & Cursi

Rudo&Cursi, a creative director duo, have joined Cuadro24. These two great talents emerged from a meticulous process in search of a name that would reflect their unique personalities. With a combination of sensitivity and strength, a passion for diverse music, from Sinatra to The Ramones, and contrasting tastes like dark coffee and juice with lots of sugar, they are determined to question, challenge, and give their best in each of their works, forming a complementary and solid team.

With an impressive trajectory, they have had the opportunity to work with recognized brands and agencies, relying on their distinctive seal of quality and dedication, forged over years of hard work. Brands such as Poker, Chevrolet, Ford, Cremhelado, and the Movimiento Clic have been part of their portfolio.

Starting their career as assistant directors at AKIRACINE, the experience provided them with the opportunity to work alongside great directors and an exceptional team. They believe that each advertising piece is unique and constantly evolving, seeking to find the right approach to tell a compelling story, without fear of taking risks.

Their work philosophy is based on a perfect combination of concept and narrative execution, enriched by their diverse professional backgrounds and life perspectives. Through their shared vision, they create incredible agreements that make a difference. They love working as a team, firmly believing that "two heads are better than one," allowing them to approach each project with enthusiasm and commitment.

Every film set becomes a valuable experience, filled with anecdotes, successes, and failures that will always be cherished in their memories. Their first joint direction will forever remain a special memory, reminding them of the journey they have taken to get where they are today. Each new project becomes a source of inspiration, encouraging them to laugh, reflect, rethink, and strive to make a difference, as their main goal is to be in a constant state of evolution.

Rudo&Cursi have undertaken a series of impressive projects, and their passion and dedication are the keys to achieving success in each one of them. Now, with us in Peru, they bring new cinematic and content narratives, opening new opportunities for their growth.

Discover more of their work here:

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